Our Holiday Clubs are delivered through our Big Top Party Team, so we know how to have fun!

Our holiday clubs offer games, crafts and activities that we structure based on helping the children develop and build skills.

Our games and activities focus on:

  • Creativity and imagination
  • Celebrating achievement and building self confidence
  • Team work and friendship
  • Keeping active

What we do:

  • Free play with crafts and toys – during free play we encourage the children to play and create whilst our staff facilitate development by talking to them encouraging them
  • Organised activities – usually craft based we use the opportunity to drive home an important message such as the importance of kindness, love, friendship. We may focus on aspects of health and well-being or being part of their community. These sessions are designed to build their confidence, self-esteem and develop awareness and respect for others.
  • Team games and sports – these build friendships, develop problem solving skills, teach them how to compromise and lead.

Something for everyone

We understand that all children are different; like different things; some are quiet, some are loud; some get stuck in and some take a little more time to join in. That’s why we have so many different things to do that there is something for everyone. Nobody is forced to join in and nobody has to sit with nothing to do. Our staff will take time to encourage and get to know the children, to develop their relationship and build trust.

The Specifics

Our holiday clubs are available to schools, churches and community groups that want to provide children with activities during school holidays. We can provide clubs during any half term or summer holiday. They run for 2 hours or 2 1⁄2 hours with either a picnic lunch or hot meal.